Nixtamalize the corn and then grind it to obtain the dough. The corn is cooked with water and lime (see
Did you know that?). Wash the chipilín and remove the leaves.

Put the corn dough in a big bowl, add salt, water, a little bit of oil and mix gently. Make small balls with
this dough, then mix them with some of the chipilín leaves. Save for later in a bowl.

Put a big pot with enough water to the fire and bring it to boil. Wash the tomato and blend it together
with the onion and chilis to make a sauce. When the water starts to boil, add the rest of the chipilín,
the dough balls, the elote and the sauce. Add salt, cover with a lid and cook.

When the dough balls are cooked, remove from fire.
Serve hot and add lemon to taste.

1 big bunch of chipilín (250 g)
1 kg nixtamalized corn dough
½ kg tomato
¼ onion (50 g)
3 dried chilies (30 g)
5 tsps. of oil
Salt (one pinch 3 g)
4 cups of corn (50 g)
1 sprig of epazote (15 g)