Our Story

Rural Women who have been raised on healthy food sources such as cassava, joined forces with the aim to transform this humble cassava root crop into a high-value product, that is gluten-free, healthy, and sustainable. The women want to make their contribution on a Global scale introducing healthy, high -value gluten- free products to the markets as a healthier alternative to other processed foods

Wi! Uma Fu Sranan (Wi!)

WI!, is the first all Female Agriculture Cooperative in the democratic Republic of Suriname and was founded in 2013, The members are hardworking rural women from the hinterland, who were subject to providing for their family with limited access to sustainable income. They have managed to provide for their families for many generations by farming without much support from the banks or other established organizations. WI! was started based on the ideals, dedication and tenacity of these strong women who have worked so long and so hard without seeing any noticeable financial improvements in their lives. WI! is not only the voice and the spirit of these phenomenal women but the heart and soul of their entrepreneurial spirit. After many years of hard and unrelenting work. Many uphill battles and endless sacrifices. WI! has accomplished the great milestone in 2020 by establishing their own processing facility “SURIVIT N.V.”. Wi! and  SURIVIT N.V. aimed at ensuring education to increase, manage and develop ownership of income. They invest in sustainable agricultural practices, sound processing methods, strong partnerships and livelihoods, ensuring involvement of its members at all levels. The main crop produced and processed is cassava, an important staple for the women.

The dream started in a
tropical rainforest village in Suriname..."KAPASIKELE"

As a vulnerable group of women we recognized that we have the power to impact our future, and we decided to do something about it!  We decided to collaborate as traditional farmers and processors with the desire to learn about innovative food production and smart agriculture.  The added value of earning a stable income has elevated us in recognized positions and roles in our community. This shifted our lived experience from being poor and dependent to being financially independent and making a valuable contributions to the economic, social well-being of our families. Skills training, awareness activities, visits to markets, and international events have changed our attitude and equipped us with the confidence to be decisive and have given us skills in practice negation, marketing, and cooperative knowledge. Training in new cassava growing techniques raised the awareness of sustainable plot management. The introduction of nutrition technologies transformed traditional dietary patterns and traditional food systems to secure food safety and well-being.


Surivit N.V

SURIVIT N.V. is an agricultural processing company that produces high-quality end products with a special focus on taste and healthy food. SURIVIT N.V. believes that robust economic development in the interior of Suriname, should come from the establishment of private businesses that deliver sustainable and profitable high value end products, whilst directly and tangibly improving the health, living and income standards of the population.

SURIVIT N.V. is the processing facility which is turning dreams into reality. The company is meanfully employing women while educating and empowering them to learn all aspects of producing, value adding, food safety, marketing and distribution of their healthy products to the masses.

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