Mission & Values

WI!'s Mission

“To sustainably grow and process, market and deliver high value healthy products, whilst making a positive impact on the Women’s social and economic standard of living, their communities and they local environments”.


Wi! Works hard in creating  the best for her cooperative members, her customers,  workers,  farmers and their communities.

WI!’s mandate:

  • Negotiating for fair prices for products and services.
  • Securing contractual agreements.
  • Pursuing visibility/recognition for the socioeconomic contribution of our members to their communities and the country.
  • Promoting full participation in decision-making processes which impact women directly.
  • Advancing advocacy for women-friendly developmental policies and rights.
  • Encouraging respect for the environment.
  • Building capacity.
  • Ensuring good working conditions.
  • Increasing economic opportunities.
  • Enhancing market access.

WI!'s Values

Gender equality

We advocate for gender equality to prevent violence against women and girls. This is essential for the world’s economic prosperity. A world that value women and men as  equal will be safer and healthier. Wi! claims a seat at the table and full participation in decision making processes which impact women directly.


Community & environment

We believe that through joint efforts and hard work we can have a positive impact on the world around us. We do this by continually investing in our members,  communities and environment, by supporting their wellbeing, future and welfare trough capacity building and creation of valuable jobs.

Social entrepreneurship

Most women are born entrepreneurs, especially rural women. Jointly we improve their entrepreneurial skills by educating, strengthening and supporting their income generating activities. We are passionate about the strengthening of the women’s entrepreneurial skills in order to stimulate economic growth and well being for them as weel as their communities.

Partnership & win-win

Partnership & win-win

We always strive to create long-term, meaningful and mutually beneficial  relationships with our members, suppliers, customers and employees. We demonstrate that through mutual respect we contribute towards a positive and different world for all.

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