Remove the elotes or corns leaves and silk. Remove the whole kernels from the ear of maize, then grind the kernels with
a millstone or a mill, this way you get a creamy corn, put it in a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients: cream, oil, sugar
and cottage cheese. Mix well until you get a uniform dough. Add salt to taste. Wash the banana leaves. Put three table spoons of the corn mixture on the banana leaves. Fold the leaves immediately, be careful so the dough does not stretch too much. Finally, put the stuffed leaves on a hotplate until the corn mixture is fully cooked. Be careful with the corn dough when you turn the leaves, and watch carefully the leaves don´t burn. Remove from the hotplate and enjoy!


10 elotes or corns
1 cup of cream
Sugar to taste
1 cup of cottage cheese
Salt to taste
Banana leaves