The first step is to coat the mould with caramel. To do so, spread no more than three scoops of sugar over the bottom of the mould and put it directly over the stove and simmer. Let the sugar dissolve until golden-brown in colour, be careful it doesn’t burn. Tilt the mould to coat it completely with the caramel and let cool down to room temperature.

Wash the corn flour and let it soak overnight o for several hours. Then, bring two cups of water to the boil and pour the flour previously drained on it. A white coating will be left on the pot which will serve to thicken or set the flour. You can also add two or three scoops of diluted cornstarch, if necessary. You must steer the flour in the pot constantly. You will notice the thickness when cooked. It is recommended to wear gloves to avoid burning while stir fry the flour. Then add milk and stir. Add ½ cup of cocada, leave the other ½ cup for decoration.


1 ½ cup of dry corn flower
1 cup of cocada (grated coconut in syrup) see preparation
4 cups of water
¾ cup of milk
3 scoops of sugar
1 pinch of salt
Sugar to taste
Vanilla and anise flavouring essences (optional)